Why us? In a word, relationships. We understand this is a calling, not just a job. We believe it is important to not just follow state guidelines, but to really connect with your loved one, to understand what he or she wants. We want to know how you see the strengths and needs of your friend or family member. Understanding these things, we try to connect your loved one to the world safely with activities and skills development tailored to them. In a simple phrase, we want to give them a life they may have only dreamed of.

Let me emphasize that this is all done in concert with you. You are included in this process. We know that you have key insights and understanding of your family member that are critical for us to comprehend.

Where will they live? In an apartment complex that houses disabled as well as non-disabled individuals. They will receive staff assistance based on their individual need. Some will need just a regular visit, others might receive around the clock staffing assistance and everything in between. There is a meeting with Washington’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) before the move in date that establishes what the initial staffing level will be.

We will have periodic meetings with DDA to adjust that level of help when the needs of your loved one change.

Typically, they will have a roommate. They will have their own private bedroom and possibly their own private bathroom, based on availability.

Each new Maksu employee undergoes a background check and a drug test. Each staff member receives 75 hours of training before they ever set foot in a client’s apartment. Confidentiality is very important, and no information is released or shared without a release of information signed by the client or the guardian, or as otherwise permitted by law. The one exception is DDA employees have access to our files in the normal course of work.

Interested? Call our office at 253-941-9067 and talk to the Administrator, Susan or email at maksu1@maksuinc.org.